J K Systems
About Us
JK system was founded in 2011 in the industrial hub of Maharashtra, Pune. It was setup with the vision of supplying high quality, cost effective and reliable solution with strong after sales support to clients. Till date JK system has keenly participated and completed numerous projects in the field of material handling system all over India. Our services span across various industrial sectors ranging from aerospace, automation to general purpose and custom build systems. To triumphantly compete in today’s demanding economy, with rising material and labour costs, customer demands a level of creativity to optimize their budgets. JK systems has executed projects which meets this specific requirement of customer.
To become a reliable and dependable partner of our customer for their material handling system needs.
To provide turnkey material handling solutions as per customer requirements which are high quality, reliable and cost.efficient.
Has successful history of modifying and upgrading existing conveyor systems supplied by other OEM.
Cost effective turnkey conveyor solutions
Provides solutions ranging from a smallest conveyor spare to a complete turnkey project
Sound knowledge of manufacturing process of an automobile and related industry
Our team comprises of well qualified and richly experienced engineers who are executing challenging projects. Micro level planning to timely execute the project
In house testing of conveyor systems prior to dispatch. Follow standard quality process including stage wise inspection.